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Welcome to the SimpleForm wiki. Here you will find additional content and documentation for the SimpleForm project, which complements the project README and code docs.

Cheers, The SimpleForm/Plataformatec team.


Below are several guides and tutorials created by the community showcasing customization and configuration usage for SimpleForm.

Other Resources

Railscast 234 - SimpleForm

Documentation and Discussions

Gems and sample applications

Blog posts


I have a question, how should I proceed?

If you have any questions about SimpleForm, search the Wiki, use the Mailing List, or Stack Overflow. Do not post questions on the project Issue Tracker.

I believe I have found a bug.

First of all, search through the Issue Tracker to see if your bug hasn't been fixed yet on the master branch. If not, do your best to supply a piece of code or a fresh Rails application that reproduces your error along the error description and the expected behavior. Bad Issue reports will be closed until they meet these requirements so the SimpleForm maintainers can work on it.

If you find a security bug, DO NOT submit an issue here. Please send an e-mail to developers@plataformatec.com.br instead.

Does SimpleForm works with ORM others than ActiveRecord?

SimpleForm is built on top of Rails FormBuilder, so it should work nicely with any library that implements the proper ActiveModel API required by ActionPack. But if you're using an ORM other ActiveRecord than SimpleForm won't be able to discover the proper input types for the attributes on your model, so you might need to define them on your own on your forms. For instance, when using Mongoid, you might need to set options such as :collection and :as:

<%= simple_form_for @post do |form| %>
  <%= form.input :category, collection: Category.all %>
  <%= form.input :contents, as: :text %>
  <%= form.input :published, as: :boolean %>
<% end >

The page I was looking for on this wiki doesn't exist anymore.

If you encounter a broken link in this Wiki, check the Guides to see if the page you are looking for is still listed somewhere or review the Wiki History to figure out what might have happened to the page.

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