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SIWECOS - Website Security Scanner - Secure Websites and Content Management Systems
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SIWECOS - Secure Websites and Content Management Systems

SIWECOS stands for "Secure Websites and Content Management Systems" and helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) detect and fix security vulnerabilities on their websites.

One focus of the project is on concrete recommendations for action in the event of damage, while a second strong focus is on raising awareness among SMEs in the field of cyber security. A vulnerability scanner regularly checks the server systems of a small or medium-sized company for known vulnerabilities, or checks the web applications installed on them for security vulnerabilities. All tools were developed in accordance with the principle of secure by design.

SIWECOS will improve the security of websites in the long-term and also raise SMEs' awareness of the relevance of IT security. SIWECOS will enable SMEs to communicate at eye level with IT service providers.

How to use the SIWECOS - Website Security Scanner extension?

The extension adds a custom icon in the domain overview "Websites & Domains" for each domain. With a click on this button, the extension triggers a live scan, and the domain is tested thoroughly by the SIWECOS scanner applying many security rules. Once the scan has been performed completely, a detailed result page with all tested rules and many security tips is loaded.

Need more information?

SIWECOS - Project Page

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