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License: CC BY-SA 4.0

Pastanaga UI - The new UX framework for editing the web

Pastanaga UI is a new user experience framework for the web. It has been created by Albert Casado (@albertcasado) and it is maintained by the Plone community.

This repo contains UI/UX specs for Pastanaga UI. There's a Zeplin repository with more mockups, if you are working on any Pastanaga implementation and want to have access to it, please ask to @tisto or @sneridagh.

Pastanaga UI icons

There is an initial release of the Pastanaga icons on These icons are intended to be used only in "official" Pastanaga UI, so please refrain to use them on personal projects unless they are based on Pastanaga UI.

Pastanaga UI license

The Pastanaga UI mockups, specs and Pastanaga Icons are released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License and belongs to Albert Casado and the Plone Foundation.


Implementations for React and Angular are currently under active development:

Minimal Viable Product

  • As a registered user I can log in. -> plone.restapi JWT

  • As a logged in user I can add a page. -> A single folderish type with title, body text

  • As a logged in user I can view a page.

  • As a logged in user I can add a page within an existing page.

  • As a logged in user I can navigate the site structure.

  • As a logged in user I can edit a page.

  • As a logged in user I can mark body text as bold.

  • As a logged in user I can mark body text as italic.

  • As a logged in user I can mark body text as a link.

  • As a logged in user I can add an image to the body text of a page. -> drag & drop, upload to folder with resizing

  • As a user I can see a page fully rendered within 500ms. -> small bundle/server side rendering

  • As Google I can crawl the contents of a page. -> server side rendering


Pastanaga UI for the Plone CMS


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