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A Rust library for interfacing with a persistent storage device.
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Aldaron's Device Interface - Storage (adi_storage) is a Rust library for interfacing with a persistent storage device (ie: hard drive, solid state drive, sd card, flash drive, etc.).

Storage System

adi_storage uses a cross-platform virtual filesystem. The virtual filesystem's root directory is defined as followed:

  • Aldaron's OS: "/at_root/", Linux: "/usr/local/share/at_root/", Windows: "C:/Program Files/at_root/"

Under the root directory, the storage devices are mounted.

  • "/~/" Storage Device that was used for booting.
  • "/STORAGE DEVICE/" An External Storage Device.

Under the storage device directory, we have the apps:

  • "/~/app@developer/" An application's folder. An application can only access files within their folder. "Their folder" includes folders with the same name on other Storage Devices.

Under the app folder, we have the users:

  • "/~/app@developer/username" A user's folder, contains all of their save files.

Under each of the users for a specific app, we have the internal files:

  • "/~/app@developer/username/internal/" Internal App Data For The Specific User
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