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Neurons is an opinionated web framework built on Spyne, Twisted and SqlAlchemy.

Official repo:

Running tests

Here's how to get a test environment up and running:

First, create a virtualenv:

virtualenv -p python2.7 virt-2.7
source virt-2.7/bin/activate

If you want to work on Spyne's development version, clone and install spyne before neurons' setup script:

git clone git://
(cd spyne; python develop)

Now clone and install neurons:

git clone git://
(cd neurons; python develop)

Install additional useful packages:

pip install ipython pytest ipdb pytest-twisted

And now try:

py.test -v neurons/neurons

works great here.

If you want to inspect the html output in a browser, run make in neurons/asssets to get relevant frontend libraries.