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Pry-based enhancements
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Jazz Fingers

This repo is a fork, with updates and bug fixes based on jazz_hands.

Spending hours in the pry console? Spruce it up and show off those hard-working fingers!

jazz_fingers is an opinionated set of console-related gems and a bit of glue:

  • Pry for a powerful shell alternative to IRB.
  • Awesome Print for stylish pretty print. console.
  • Pry Coolline for syntax highlighting as you type.

Notes on Update to 5.0.0

  • Hirb was removed since it is not actively being maintained
  • Pry-Doc was removed since it adds a lot of memory footprint which makes JazzFingers too heavy to use in production. Add it to your Gemfile if you want it back
  • jazz_fingers/setup is not needed since the setup is done automatically after the configuration block ends
  • Call JazzFingers.setup! if you are using the default configurations


Ruby 2.0.0+. Add to your project Gemfile:

group :development, :test do
  gem 'jazz_fingers'

That's it. Run pry as usual.

Ruby compiled against a proper readline library, ideally GNU readline, is recommended. Alternatively, gem install rb-readline for an acceptible backup. Using ruby compiled against a libedit wrapper (primarily OS X) will work but is not recommended.


Some configurations can be overwritten:

if defined?(JazzFingers)
  JazzFingers.configure do |config|
    config.colored_prompt = false
    config.awesome_print = false
    config.coolline = false
    config.application_name = MyAwesomeProject


Color the console prompt? Defaults to true when the current ruby is compiled against GNU readline or rb-readline, which don't have issues counting characters in colored prompts. false for libedit.

Note: Pry.color = false trumps this setting and disables all console coloring.


Separator string between the application name and line input. Defaults to » for GNU readline or libedit. Defaults to > for rb-readline which fails on mixed encodings.

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