ical2pcal converts iCalendar (.ics) data files to pcal data files
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ical2pcal v0.0.7 - Convert iCalendar (.ics) data files to pcal data files

Usage:   ical2pcal  [-E] [-o <file>] [-h] file

         -E Use European date format (dd/mm/yyyy)

         -o <file> Write the output to file instead of to stdout

         -h Display this help

The iCalendar format (.ics file extension) is a standard (RFC 2445)
for calendar data exchange. Programs that support the iCalendar format
are: Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Evolution, Orange, etc.

The iCalendar format have many objects like events, to-do lists,
alarms, journal entries etc. ical2pcal only use the events
in the file showing in the pcal file the summary and the time of
the event, the rest information of the event like
description or location are commented in the pcal file (because
usually this information does not fit in the day box).

Currently automatic detection and conversion to local time of time values
in UTC is implemented. All other time values are assumed as local times.

ical2pcal does not support complex repeating events, like every first sunday in month.
Only simple recurrence are allowed like:
every n-th [day|week|month|year] from <DATE> [until <DATE> | count] except <DATE>,...