Automatically generate a release-note document based on git commit messages.
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Spread the Word

Automatically generate a release-note document based on git commit messages

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  • Multiple projects are supported, which means git messages from multiple repositories can be merged to produce a unified release document
  • Multiple output formats are supported, e.g. LaTeX
  • Integrates with Wrike and GitLab to fetch developement task titles
  • Integrates with Google Translate to automatically translate messages to English
  • Caches Google Translate results on your local disk (~/.spreadtheword) so that Google API could incur less fee and it saves your money

Commit Message Conventions

  • {#1} or #1 means issue #1 of Gitlab. Eg. {#63} add backend code for fields or fix #23;
  • {prj#1} or prj#1 means issue #1 of Gitlab project prj. Eg. {UI#1} add code for forms or fix UI#23;
  • {W1} menas Wrike task XXX as in Wrike's permalink Eg. {W4123780} fix config files.


gem install spreadtheword


spreadtheword [PROJECT 1] [PROJECT 2]...[PROJECT N] [OPTION 1] [OPTION 2]...[OPTION N]
      --author=STRING              Specifies the author of the output document. Default: of git config
      --console                    If present, start the console after spreadtheword initializes.
                                  Specifies a Google Translate API access key and translate commit messages that contain non-ASCII characters to English.
  -h, --help                       Prints this help and exit
      --gitlab-endpoint=URL        Specifies GitLab API endpoint URL.
      --gitlab-token=STRING        Specifies the OAuth access token of your GitLab.
      --quiet                      If present, spreadtheword would not output anything to stderr.
      --since=TAG/COMMIT-SHA1      Specifies the begining from which the git commits will be fetched. Default: the first commit
      --title=STRING               Specifies the title of the output document. Default: "Relase Notes"
      --until=TAG/COMMIT-SHA1      Specifies the end to which the git commits will be fetched. Default: master
  -v, --version                    Prints the version of spreadtheword and exit
      --wrike-token=STRING         Specifies the access token of your Wrike API app.


  • If no projects were provided, the current directory would be used as the sole project directory;
  • If multiple projects were provided, the git commit messages of those projects would be merged;
  • If no options were specified, their default (see below) will be used.


spreadtheword                                     \
  /projects/X                                     \
  /projects/Y                                     \
  --since=v1.5                                    \
  --until=origin/releasing                        \
  --title="Your Project v1.6 Release Notes"       \
  --author="Your Company, Inc."                   \
  --google-translate-key="XXX"                    \
  --gitlab-endpoint=""  \
  --gitlab-token="XXX"                            \
  --wrike-token="XXX"                             \
  > v1.6.tex

Hint: you might need to set environment variable LANG=en_US.UTF-8 to support wide characters of git log messages.



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