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PnP Framework

PnP Framework is a .NET Standard 2.0 / .NET 5.0 / .NET 6.0 / .NET 7.0 library targeting Microsoft 365 containing the PnP Provisioning engine and a ton of other useful extensions. This library is the cross platform successor of the PnP-Sites-Core library. The original PnP-Sites-Core library only works on Windows (due to the dependency on .Net Framework) and supports SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online, while this library will work cross platform but only supports SharePoint Online. Going forward we'll only be actively maintaining PnP Framework, the PnP-Sites-Core library is retired and archived.

Next to PnP Framework that will be replacing PnP-Sites-Core we're also building a brand new PnP Core SDK that targets modern .NET development and which will work everywhere where .NET will run. This library is the long term evolution of PnP Framework, we'll enable a phased transition from PnP Framework to PnP Core SDK without impacting PnP Framework users.

Getting started

Pull down the latest version of PnP Framework here:

Nuget package Description Latest release Latest nightly development version
PnP.Framework The PnP Framework library PnP.Framework Nuget package PnP.Framework Nuget package

Migrating from PnP Sites Core

This library is the cross platform successor of the PnP-Sites-Core, see the Migrating from PnP Sites Core to PnP Framework guide to learn how to switch over.

I've found a bug, where do I need to log an issue or create a PR

Issues and PR's need to be created in the PnP Framework repo, the PnP Sites Core repo has been archived.

Supportability and SLA

This library is open-source and community provided component with active community providing support for it. This is not Microsoft provided component so there's no SLA or direct support for this open-source component from Microsoft. Please report any issues using the issues list.

Building and contributing

To build PnP Framework you need the following minimal components installed:

Contributions should be made against the dev branch of the repository.

Community rocks, sharing is caring!

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.