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Prepare podlove webplayer configuration for internationalization
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bin update WP tests installer (should fix Travis CI)
bootstrap refactor: treat each player as its own mini-module
cert fix certificate
css fix tab title display (broke with WP 4.4)
fonts add some podlove widgets
images add about/upgrade screen
includes detect and warn if an episode slug has been used before
js fix auphonic workflow UI bug
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templates fix missing "Show URL" download button in twentyfifteen theme
tests fix: Season::episodes would sometimes return wrong result
.gitignore add .DS_Store to .gitignore
.gitmodules fix web player v2
.travis.yml Revert "travis: convert "after_success" block to "deploy"" fix support links
Makefile update web player readme: recommend Vagrant/VVV for development
Rakefile remove codemirror
bower.json begin pwp3 integration
composer.json update composer dependencies
composer.lock update composer dependencies
license.txt better plugin header & add license text
phpunit.xml add binary to generate code coverage
plugin.php detect and warn if an episode slug has been used before
podlove.php set version: 2.3.7
readme.txt update "tested up to" entry

Podlove Podcast Publisher

This is the podcast publishing plugin for WordPress.

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Development Environment

Any WordPress development environment with a PHP version of at least 5.4 will do. A Vagrant Virtual Machine using the Varying-Vagrant-Vagrants configuration is recommended.


Code dependencies are managed via Composer. So you need to clone the repository and then fetch the dependencies via Composer.

git clone --recursive
cd podlove-publisher
curl -sS | php
php composer.phar --dev install


You need a dedicated database for testing because running tests wipes all data. To setup tests, run this once:

# bash bin/ <database> <user> <password> <host> <wordpress-version>
bash bin/ wordpress_test root root localhost latest

This will download the latest WordPress core and files required for testing into /tmp.

Then run phpunit to run the tests.


Web Player

To get and update the web player v3+, use bower and make:

bower update
make player
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