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Po.et's web application to view claims on the Po.et Network.

Development Process

All new features should be merged into master behind a feature toggle with it turned off by default.

File Structure


These are ReactJS components and Sass styles. The components' architecture is inspired by Brad Frost's Atomic Design.

Most components have a single associated .scss file with the same name. There are also a few global styles living in components/styles. Styles are bundled and loaded by Webpack's style-loader, css-loader, autoprefixer, postcss-loader, and sass-loader.

Components are divided in atoms, molecules, organisms, pages and modals. Rule of thumb is: the smaller shouldn't use the larger. That means atoms should have no dependencies on other components, molecules can only depend on atoms and so on.

The root component is components/Root.jsx and ReactDOM.render is called in index.jsx.



All images used by the application. They are exposed as static readonly elements of a class in images/Images.tsx, using the File Loader Webpack plugin to load and bundle them.


See Contributing.


See Security.