Pokemon GO Sniper for Android - Snipe Those Bitches!
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To avoid softban, please check first in Offiical App and catch a pokemon. If pokemon's result is flee, then your account is softban.

Home Coordinates

Set this value to the last coordinates when you play, there's 3 categories to set this coordinates:

  1. Official App
    • When you're using the Official App, please use that last coordinates used in Official app.
  2. Bot
    • This coordinates a bit difficult, because bot is always moving its position/coordinates. Sometimes after you were botting then using this app, you'll get softban.
  3. Sniper
    • When you use sniper program (Android or PC), use the value from that program and don't change it.

With these 3 categories, we have tested it and the result we didn't get any softban so far.

PokeSniper - Snipe Those Bitches!

PokeSniper is an android app used for catching any rare pokemon without getting softban. Always uninstall previouse version before using latest version (if you encounter force close).


Pokemon always fled

You are getting softban. Wait for 10 minutes - 6 hours, if your follow the guides about home coordinats, you shouldn't get softbanned.

Why does the app force close on startup?

Try to uninstall previous version then install latest version. If problem is still persist, please don't hesitate to report.

App crashes when I press "Snipe Those Bitches!" button

Make sure you have set all required settings, accounts, and type valid input.

** I couldn't verify my donation, always says invalid **

As of v1.4, donation can be verified by using your paypal email address. And if you're still using v1.3, please update it to v1.4+ (IMPORTANT)

I am receiving errors, force closes, etc:

Try these standard troubleshooting steps:

  • Access settings, Apps, and select PokeSniper.
  • Force Stop
  • Clear Cache
  • Clear Data
  • Toggle Airplane mode
  • Reboot Phone
  • Remove / Reinstall latest version

After a fresh install, tweak as few options as possible to start off.

  1. Access settings.
  2. Access login info.
    • Add username, password, and select google account indicator if applicable.
    • For google, the full email address is needed. Passwords are also CaSe sensitive. This means your username is YourMail@gmail.com and your password is yOuRpaSsSword12345
  3. Set your home coordinates
    • This is the "magic" to avoid softbanned. You must set this settings.

It is recommended to pretend you are flying on an airplane. Jump to different locations by logging off and back on to the app based upon how long a typical commercial flight would take.

Changing your Device_ID to avoid permaban If Niantic decides to issue permanent bans. They will be either by IP or Device_ID. Currently most of the botting apps make the users have the same Device_ID. It would be wise to change it prior to use. To change device ID on a rooted, Xposed Framework phone, use this app For other situations look into this guide

In Game Troubleshooting:

Make sure you can log out and back into standard PokemonGo App without any issues.

Make sure there is room for Pokemon and items. After so much looting, everything gets full and you will need to clear it out. Regarding Pokemon, use the app's 'Pokemon setting' to remove specific Pokemon and avoid manual effort.

You can always disable 'Location' on your phone, and log into the PoGO app to clear out your inventory and do manual micromanagement. Disabling 'Location' will make the red bar 'GPS not found' show up but you can still use the app. Always check this before asking here - usually your bag or pokeslots are full, or you have no balls. (Pun intended)