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A toolset for working with BotW dialogue files via msyt.
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Author: polarbunny

A toolset for working with BotW dialogue files via msyt.

Requires Python 3.6+ 64bit, sarc and rstb

Thanks to Kyle Clemens (jkcclemens)!


See - notes.txt - Also included in docs folder in download.

PDF Guide for Beginners / Visual Learners:

See - msyt-tools-guide-v4.pdf - Also included in docs folder in download.


Latest - here


  • "What benefits does msyt have over MSBT Editor Reloaded, Kuriimu, or .xmsbt?"

    1. Instead of being a full fledged editor, msyt is simply a tool for converting BotW msbt files to and from a yaml format. This allows for easy and efficient editing using whatever method is most comfortable to the user.

    2. Additionally, msyt also converts (known) BotW dialogue control codes into an easy to modify yaml representation.

      TL;DR: No more hex editing.

  • "What does msyt mean?"

    • msbt is assumed to be an acronym for Message Standard Binary Table, so in the same respect, msyt stands for Message Standard Yaml Table.
  • "Awh, geez.. EVERY time I open notepad++, my *FAVORITE* editor, I have to manually set the language to yaml. I want pretty colors by default!"

    • Don't fear, there's a simple solution!
      1. In notepad++, select Settings -> Style Configurator...
      2. In the Language box, find and select YAML from the list.
      3. Under User ext., type msyt

Tools utilized:

msyt -

7z -

curl -

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