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Weechat Matrix protocol script written in python
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What is Weechat-Matrix?

Weechat is an extensible chat client.

Matrix is an open network for secure, decentralized communication.

Weechat-Matrix is a Python plugin for Weechat that lets Weechat communicate over the Matrix protocol.

Project Status

Weechat-Matrix already supports large parts of the Matrix protocol, end to end encryption support is still experimental.


  1. Install libolm

  2. Clone the repo and install dependencies

    git clone
    cd weechat-matrix
    pip install -r requirements.txt

    Another option is to install the dependencies manually:

    • pyOpenSSL
    • typing
    • webcolors
    • future (Python2 users only, see below)
    • atomicwrites
    • matrix-nio
    • attrs
    • logbook
    • pygments
  3. As your regular user, just run: make install in this repository directory.

    Note that weechat only supports Python2 OR Python3, and that setting is determined at the time that Weechat is compiled. Weechat-Matrix can work with either Python2 or Python3, but when you install dependencies you will have to take into account which version of Python your Weechat was built to use.

    To check the python version that weechat is using, run:

     /python version


Uploads are done using a helper script, the script found under contrib/matrix_upload should be installed under your PATH.


Configuration is completed primarily through the Weechat interface. First start Weechat, and then issue the following commands:

  1. Start by loading the Weechat-Matrix plugin:

    /script load
  2. Now set your username and password:

    /set matrix.server.matrix_org.username johndoe
    /set matrix.server.matrix_org.password jd_is_awesome
  3. Now try to connect:

    /matrix connect matrix_org
  4. If everything works, save the configuration


For using a custom (not matrix server:

  1. Add your custom server to the plugin:

    /matrix server add myserver
  2. Add the appropriate credentials

    /set matrix.server.myserver.username johndoe
    /set matrix.server.myserver.password jd_is_awesome
  3. If everything works, save the configuration


Bar items

There are two bar items provided by this script:

  1. matrix_typing_notice - shows the currently typing users

  2. matrix_modes - shows room and server info (encryption status of the room, server connection status)

They can be added to the weechat status bar as usual: /set

The matrix_modes bar item is replicated in the already used buffer_modes bar item.

Typing notices and read receipts

The sending of typing notices and read receipts can be temporarily disabled via the /room command, they can also be permanently configured using standard weechat conditions settings with the following settings:


Helpful Commands

/help matrix will print information about the /matrix command.

/help olm will print information about the /olm command that is used for device verification.

/matrix help [command] will print information for subcommands, such as /matrix help server

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