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Multi Instances Web App

As said in the title, multi instance
Updated to be compatible with Yunohost 2.4
Compliant with package_linter checks
Doing its best to be compliant with package_check too.

  • Beware !
    Use this master version at your own risks !
    For latest stable version, use the official community app (see https://github.com/YunoHost/apps for details on how to add the community list of apps inside your yunohost)

* Functions :
No FTP Support
Backup or restore scripts
Ability to create database

Simply copy the sources of your web page in /var/www/webapp_multi/$domain/$path/
Creation of a dedicated php-fpm socket

* Comment regarding the upgrade script
As this is a "generic" app, I choose not to upgrade the nginx and phpfpm conf files as you would more likely have had to update these.
If you have a problem with these and wish to come back to the generic file, simply delete the current file before upgrading (we check if nginx.conf exists and if not copy a generic one)