@deviantony deviantony released this Sep 15, 2018 · 107 commits to develop since this release

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Breaking changes

This version changes the default ownership for externally created resources from Public to Administrator restricted (#960, #2137). The migration process will automatically migrate any existing resource declared as Public to Administrators only.


  • Filter registry password out of the API response: #2099
  • Fix a XSS vulnerability in the teams view: #2167
  • Fix a brute force vulnerability on the /api/users/passwd API endpoint: #2247
  • Fix an issue where a malicious user could change the password of user without having to specify its current password: #2247


  • Fix an issue preventing a user with special characters in their username/password to authenticate: #1933
  • Force the user to re-create a password if actual password contains a special character: #2199


  • Change default ownership from Public to Administrator restricted: #960


  • Fix an issue preventing the deployment of Portainer on Windows server 2016 running Docker < 17.09: #2116


  • Add a new details field for all errors: #2228
  • Fix an invalid error message in the EndpointCreate operation: #2216


  • Re-add the ability to specify external templates via HTTP: #2088, #2210


  • Introduce service update webhooks: #1663
  • Display a correct number of replicas for a service using a constraint: #1990
  • Remove the (annoying) automatic focus on the task list when inspecting a service: #2179


  • Add the ability to update the restart policy associated to a container: #282, #2273
  • Add the ability to specify capabilities when creating a container: #468
  • Show associated image name in container-details: #1369
  • Fix a bug preventing the re-creation/edit of a container that is attached to multiple networks: #1491
  • Update the container re-creation/edit/duplication flow: #2158, #2192
  • Add the ability to select a custom command in the console view by specifying it as a label: #2159
  • Add the ability to select a runtime when creating a container: #2162
  • Update container console TCP reader size: #2249


  • Fix a memory/file handler leak during snapshots: #1991, #2206


  • Add the ability to clone a config: #1911


  • Add the internal and attachable columns to the network s and network-details views: #1717
  • Improve UX when creating MACVLAN driver based networks: #2082


  • Fix an issue preventing the user from clicking on any action for a stack with limited control: #2123


  • Improve UX when creating NFS based volumes: #2083


  • Display aggregated CPU/MEM resources for a Swarm enabled endpoint: #2095
  • Add the ability to display a specific message of the day: #2191


  • Allow .tar.gz file selection when uploading a Docker image: #2174


  • Fix invalid running container count: #2106


  • Add scripts executable via yarn: #2146
  • Add the a script to build the backend binary in offline mode: #2169
  • Update build_in_container.sh script: #2230


  • Add .vscode to .gitignore: #2130
  • Remove codefresh workflows: #2144
  • Update lodash to version 4.17.10: #2156
  • Update eslint configuration: #2197
  • Update codeclimate configuration: #2212


  • Introduce libhttp: #2263