Set of scripts to set up and customize Wacom Intuos Pro tablets
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Wacom Intuos Pro managing scripts

This is a set of scripts to set up and customize Wacom Intuos Pro tablets under
Linux/X11/udev.  These scripts work for my Wacom Intuos Pro M tablet. They can
require some modifications to work with other similar models.


* Interaction with KDE's (version 4 or 5) systemsettings module, which allows
  you to set up several tablet profiles. Each profile contains full set of
  bindings of tablet's "express buttons" and "express ring" to mouse or
  keyboard actions.
* Automatic switching of tablet profile depending on focused window. For
  example, you can automatically switch to Krita's profile when Krita is
  active. Two implementations are provided for this feature: one for KWin
  window manager and one for XMonad window manager.
* Support of Intuos Pro's feature of having up to 4 modes of "express ring"
  operations.  LEDs on the tablet are switched accordingly to selected mode.
  Two implementations are provided for this feature: one simple implementation
  as Shell scripts, and one more advanced implementation as Python script.

The set includes:

* udev directory:
  * 99-local.rules - Udev rules file, which runs script when the
    tablet is attached.  Note that for models other than Intuos Pro M, you will
    need to change idProduct parameter.
  * - Shell script which enables unpriviledged-user write access
    to the file under /sys/bus/usb/ hierarchy, which is responsible for
    toggling LEDs on the tablet (near the ring).
* kde5/ directory - KWin script to automatically switch tablet profiles when
  particular applications are focused. This kwin script works only with KDE 5.
* xmonad/ directory:
  * hswcmd - `wacom-daemon' Haskell library & `hswcmd' daemon, which can be used
    for automatic switching of tablet profiles, ring mode switching. Configured
    via yaml file. Can be used with lightweight X11 environments (without KDE/
    GNOME/etc). Uses libudev to detect tablet plugging events.
  * xmonad-wacom - XMonad module, which can automatically switch tablet profiles
    either via integration with KDE4/KDE5 systemsettings module via dbus or by
    using wacom-daemon library (compiling it into xmonad binary). Configured via
    xmonad config.
* python/ directory:
  * - Python script which toggles tablet ring mode: 0 -> 1 -> 2 ->
    3 -> 0 ...  This script uses can manage separate set of ring modes for each
    of tablet profiles.
  * wacom-ring-modes.yaml - example of config file for To be put
    to ~/.config/wacom-ring-modes.yaml.
* shell/ directory:
  * - Shell script which toggles ring mode: 0 -> 1 -> 2 ->
    3 -> 0 ...  This script just toggles LED on the tablet and runs the next
  * - Shell scripts which assigns actions to tablet ring
    touches, according to selected mode. This script can switch only between 4
    predefined modes (bindings are hardcoded in the script). This script does
    not care of tablet profile currently selected.
* - sample script that installs files described above to their
  desired locations.