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* PWX-31085: containerd deployment fixes

Daemonset YAML for px-3.0.0 and containerd deployment fixes:
* generic deployment fix  (need new /var/lib/containerd mount)
* adds support for K3s and RKE2 distros  (new custom containerd.sock and /var/lib/rancher mounts)
* adds support for IKS on containerd  (new /var/data/cripersistentstorage mount)

Signed-off-by: Zoran Rajic <>

* review feedback

* adding portworx-daemonSet-2.13.5.tgz archive
* updated index.yaml w/ info about the new archive

* Add helm artifacts and update Charts and Values.yaml

Signed-off-by: Tapas Sharma <>


Signed-off-by: Zoran Rajic <>
Signed-off-by: Tapas Sharma <>
Co-authored-by: Tapas Sharma <>

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Portworx is a software defined persistent storage solution designed and purpose built for applications deployed as containers, via container orchestrators such as Kubernetes, Marathon and Swarm. It is a clustered block storage solution and provides a Cloud-Native layer from which containerized stateful applications programmatically consume block, file and object storage services directly through the scheduler.

Helm Chart for Portworx

Follow these instructions to install Portworx onto your kubernetes cluster using Helm


The specification and code is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license found in the LICENSE file of this repository.

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