@ai ai released this Dec 22, 2013 · 1624 commits to master since this release

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Notable Changes

  • Source map support. Autoprefixer now generates source map or modify previous source map (for example, from Sass).
  • Preserves code indentations. New parser now saves all spaces from input CSS, so output prefixed CSS will be with same code style. It makes Autoprefixer much better for text editors plugin and prevents Autoprefixer to uncompress CSS from Sass.
  • CSS parser was changed to PostCSS. It allows to add prefixes inside some new or custom at-rules and fix issue with comment in property name. Also it clean Autoprefixer code by moving some common CSS processor code to PostCSS.
  • Better vendor hacks detection. Autoprefixer will preserve outdated prefixed property if you it put right after unprefixed ones. Also fixed bug with same properties in one rule.
  • License was changed to MIT. New license is more free and allow to remove long LGPL preamble from each file.
  • Long browser names. Autoprefixer now understands firefox, explorer and blackberry browser aliases and ignore case in browser names. So you can set supported browsers like Firefox >= 22. Also you can select last n versions of some specified browser by last 2 Chrome versions requirement.

API Changes

  • Method compile() was renamed to process() and now return Result object with css and map properties. Instead of input file in file option, you should set input and output file names to from and to options to generate correct source map. Old compile() API show deprecated warning and will be removed in next 1.1 release.
  • Method inspect() was renamed to info() to fix name conflict with Console API.
  • There is no autoprefixer.rework method anymore. Just use autoprefixer.process(css).css after your Rework transformations.


  • Binary now will not concat output files. Concat requires extra code to support source map. Use special tools like grunt-concat-sourcemap.
  • New -d option to set output directory for multiple input files.
  • Syntax error now displays input file name.


  • Add prefixes inside custom at-rules.
  • Add only necessary prefixes to selector inside prefixed at-rule.
  • Safer backgrounds list parser from PostCSS in gradient hack.
  • Prefix @keyframes inside @media.
  • Don’t prefix values for CSS3 PIE properties.
  • Use browserify to build standalone version.