PostCSS plugin to transform W3C CSS Custom Media Queries to more compatible CSS
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PostCSS Custom Media lets you use Custom Media Queries in CSS, following the CSS Media Queries specification.

@custom-media --small-viewport (max-width: 30em);

@media (--small-viewport) {
  /* styles for small viewport */

/* becomes */

@media (max-width: 30em) {
  /* styles for small viewport */


$ npm install postcss-custom-media


// dependencies
var postcss = require("postcss")
var customMedia = require("postcss-custom-media")

// css to be processed
var css = fs.readFileSync("input.css", "utf8")

// process css using postcss-custom-media
var out = postcss()

Checkout tests for more examples.



(default: {})

Allows you to pass an object to define the <media-query-list> for each <extension-name>. These definitions will override any that exist in the CSS.

  '--phone': '(min-width: 544px)',
  '--tablet': '(min-width: 768px)',
  '--desktop': '(min-width: 992px)',
  '--large-desktop': '(min-width: 1200px)',


(default: false)

Allows you to preserve custom media query definitions in output.


(default: false)

This option only works if preserve is truthy. Allows you to append your extensions at end of your CSS.