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7.0 “President Amy”

@ai ai released this
· 1051 commits to main since this release
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President Amy seal

PostCSS 7.0 dropped Node.js 4 support and brought small features.

Breaking Changes

We removed Node.js 4 and Node.js 9 support since it doesn’t have security updates anymore.

We removed IE and “dead” browsers (without security updates) from Babel’s Browserslist. Don't worry, PostCSS still generate IE-compatible code. These changes affect websites which run PostCSS on client-side like CodePen.

last 2 version
not dead
not Explorer 11
not ExplorerMobile 11
node 10
node 8
node 6

New Features

@nikhilgaba added cute thing for plugin developers. If an error was happened in Container#walk() circle, PostCSS will show in stack trace CSS node, which causes this error:

TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined
    at /home/ai/Dev/test/app.css:10:4
    at plugin (plugin.js:2:4)
    at runPostCSS (runner.js:2:1)

@igorkamyshev added finally method to LazyResult to make it compatible with the latest Promise API.

Other Changes

  • Client-side size was reduced by Size Limit feedback.
  • Add warning on calling PostCSS without plugins and syntax options.