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The scripts have been imported to dazer's ShadowCraft-Engine repository. There are also several fixes there, so it's best to just pull ShadowCraft-Engineinstead of this repository.


Character import for use with ShadowCraft scripts.

This is quick and dirty implementation of character import from profiles.

Included example shadowcraft scripts are taken from ShadowCraft ( I did not write them. I only edited them to use this character import instead of fixed values. To run them for your character you need to edit them and replace region, realm and character name with your own.

For guide on editing ShadowCraft scripts, look here:


Setup (Windows):

  • download and install python from, I am using python 2.7.3
  • download and install setuptools from, I am using setuptools-0.6c11.win32-py2.7.exe
  • add the python path from step 1 to system path (My Computer -> properties -> advanced -> environmental variables -> system variables -> path)
  • clone ShadowCraft-Engine (you can download zip from github, or use github client)
  • clone wowapi
  • clone this repository (sc-character-import)
  • Run -> cmd
  • go to ShadowCraft-Engine repository (for me it's: cd c:\Users\MyName\Documents\GitHub\ShadowCraft-Engine)
  • type python install --user
  • go to wowapi repository
  • type python install --user
  • go to sc-character-import repository
  • type python

If everything worked fine, you should see some EP values and DPS figures. To get personalized results, you need to edit mop_*.py scripts.

Known issues: