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Welcome to Potato!

Potato is a Graphical MU* Client for Windows and Linux written in Tcl/Tk 8.5.

It has all the standard features you'd expect in a MU* client and much more, including

  • An unlimited number of customized worlds
  • Runs the same on Windows and Linux
  • Configurable colors, including
    • 16 standard ANSI colors (8 normal and 8 highlight)
    • Flash and Underline
    • 256 XTerm Colours
    • FANSI support
  • Logging
  • Upload a file to the MU*, useful for code
  • Events which allow you to highlight certain lines, omit them from logs, display them in Spawn Windows, and more
  • Full Unicode support
  • Telnet support
  • Automatic Reconnect on boot or connection failure
  • Customizable Keyboard Bindings
  • Graphical Mail Window, for writing and sending in-game mail in any format
  • Optional second input window, useful for chatting while you're RPing or coding in the first input window

The help-files are still a work-in-progress. If you need help with anything, and can't find it here, feel free to contact me. Bug reports, fixes, suggestions, etc, are also welcome, preferably by opening an Issue on the Potato Github site.

-- Mike

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