A project to let you compile Jinja2 templates to JavaScript.
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python compile_to_js.py <path to jinja2 template>

The above command will yield a JavaScript function which, when executed with a JSON blob containing values that correspond to the values requested by the template as the first argument, will yield a rendered version of the template.

Adding the --attributes flag to the command will return a list of values which the template expects to be provided in the JSON. This list may be more useful if piped through | sort | uniq.

Unsupported Jinja Features

As of the latest version, the following features are unimplemented or not supported:

  • Template inheritance (the content of each declared block is returned).
  • Imports
  • Includes
  • Filters and filter blocks
  • for loops
  • Macros
  • Call blocks
  • Inline ``dict``s, ``tuple``s, and ``list``s.
  • Some slice features (step)
  • Tests


  • Content that it output outside of a block is placed in the __default__ block.
  • Filters are wrapped in the j2filter("node", "filter_name") function. Evaluating "node" as its corresponding object in the context and applying the filter environment.filters.get("filter_name") will yield the expected result.