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A collection of links that cover what happened during EmberConf 2015
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EmberConf 2015 Summary

A collection of links that cover what happened during EmberConf 2015.

Day 1

Live Blogs



Opening Keynote by Yehuda Katz (Github: @wycats) and Tom Dale (Github: @tomdale)

Ember.js Performance by Stefan Penner (Github: @stefanpenner)

Designing for Ember Apps by Steve Trevathan (Github: @kidfribble)

Hijacking Hacker News with Ember.js by Godfrey Chan (Github: @chancancode)

The Art of Ember Deployment by Luke Melia (Github: @lukemelia)

Ambitious UX for Ambitious Apps by Lauren Elizabeth Tan (Github: @poteto)

Bring Sanity to your Frontend Infrastructure with EmberJS by Sam Selikoff (Github: @samselikoff)

Dynamic Graph Composition in Ember by Chris Henn (Github: @chnn)

Test-driven Development by Example by Toran Billups (Github: @toranb)

Day 2

Live Blogs



Fault Tolerant UX by Dan Gebhardt (Github: @dgeb)

Aligning Ember with Web Standards by Matthew Beale (Github: @mixonic)

Growing Ember, One Tomster at a Time by Jamie White (Github: @jgwhite)

Interaction Design with Ember 2.0 and Polymer by Bryan Langslet (Github: @blangslet)

Building Custom Apps with ember-cli by Brittany Storoz (Github: @brittanystoroz)

Building Real-time Applications With Ember by Steve Kinney (Github: @stevekinney)

Lightning Talks

Physical Design by Edward Faulkner (Github: @ef4)

Closing Keynote by Chris Eppstein (Github: @chriseppstein)

Official video playlists




Pull Requests

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