Code and Examples to accompany my answers and questions on the StackOverflow website.
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Code and examples to go with my answers and questions on the stackoverflow website.

Currently I have several answers where I use code examples. In some cases a live version is profided using jsfiddle or ideone, etc, but I thought it might be a good idea to have all of this information together in one place as well.

<script src=""></script> <script src=""></script> <script> /* var sUrl = ''; // @TODO: The location.hash needs to be checked to see if another file has been asked for. $.get(sUrl, function(p_sResult) { var sHtml; // Clicks on any link to local/relative markdown files need to be // caught and handled through AJAX, also the location.hash should be // updated to reflect this. sHtml = marked(p_sResult); $('.container').html(sHtml); }); */ addMenu(); // For this specific purpose things could be taken even further than this... // // Any code block that use PHP could be caught and posted to the IDEone // API and the result could be added to the page. Or we could run the // script locally, save the output, commit that to the repo and use that // to display with the answer... // // For graphviz examples we could also use /* Retrieve a list of available answers */ function addMenu() { function foo(p_sCallback) { $.getJSON('' , function(p_oResponse, p_sStatus, p_oXHR) { $.getJSON('' + p_oResponse[0].object.sha , function(p_oResponse, p_sStatus, p_oXHR) { $.each(p_oResponse.tree, function(p_i, p_oTree){ if(p_oTree.type === 'tree') { p_sCallback(p_oTree.path); } }); } ); } ); } $('.container').append($('

Available Answers

')); var $List = $('.container').append($('
    ')); foo(function(p_sPath){ if (p_sPath.indexOf('question.') === 0) { var sContent = '
  • ' + p_sPath+ '<\/a><\/li>' $List.append(sContent); } }); }; </script>