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🔦 Plugin for Sublime Text 2/3, Log Highlight helps to view a log (any type) supporting customizable log syntax & color scheme, extensible severity levels, clickable links
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Log Highlight for Sublime Text

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Log Highlight helps to view a log (any type) with customizable error/warning syntax & color scheme & extensible severity levels. Open a log file (like .log) and run Log Highlight in the context menu or Log Highlight : Highlight Error/Warning in the command palette.

(Compile Log - auto-highlight off)
Image of Log Highlight

(Build Window - auto-highlight on)
Image of Log Highlight

(System Log - auto-highlight off)
Image of Log Highlight


  • Customizable Syntax & Color Scheme
  • Extensible Severity Levels
  • Separate log types : "compile", "system"
  • Add Bookmarks Automatically for Navigating Errors/Warnings with customizable icons
  • Support Go To Position in a Log by result_file_regex
  • Search a Base Directory Automatically for Relative Path Link
  • Summary Output Panel
  • Auto Refresh for Multiple Logs
  • Continuous Tracking for Multiple Logs
  • Enable Build Window (Output Panel)

Customizable Syntax & Color Scheme

After changing syntax and color scheme in Log Highlight.sublime-settings, run Log Highlight: Generate Custom Syntax & Theme command. You may have to restart sublime text once.

Extensible Severity Levels

You can add, remove, change severity levels like debug/notice/emergency in Log Highlight.sublime-settings, run Log Highlight: Generate Custom Syntax & Theme command. You may have to restart sublime text once.

Separate Log Types

You can set the log type in settings
. "compile" type : link / summary / bookmark can be activated
. "system" type : color-highlight only (fast)


When errors/warnings found, it will add bookmarks for them for each icon. Bookmark navigation is enabled(restored) from v1.8.0. You can use bookmark keys like F2.

Go To Position

By double-click, you can go to positions of links like "../../abc.cpp", 32 or ./abc.v line 234 in a log. For relative path, it may automatically search a base directory near the log file

Summary Output Panel

By default, it summarizes error/warning list in a new output panel at the bottom of window. It is useful to debug without monitoring the log file directly. But do not close the log file, it is needed to get the event. (default keymap - toggle : alt+f12, hide : ESC)

More Flexible Style Syntax

You can highlight links and quotes inside "begin regex", "end regex" and "match regex" by using special words {{{LINK}}}, {{{QUOTE}}}. It can be used for the following gcc style error/warning message : ./src/abc.cpp:40:2 error: unknown escape seque ...

Auto Refresh for Multiple Logs

When the log files are updated, it automatically refreshes the bookmarks, summary output panel. There's some inertial delays for smooth action.

Continuous Tracking for Multiple Logs

If there are open files which already log-highlighted when sublime text restart, it will track all again. (ST3 only)

Enable Build Window (Output Panel)

Log Highlight can be used for Build Window or Unsaved View. But relative path link won't be used because the absolute path is unknown. In order to use relative path, you should set like the following: output_view.settings().set('filepath', [PATH]) output_view is the handle of your output panel view.


Please, refer to Log Highlight.sublime-settings, Available Icons : Icon List

  • Regular Expression Pattern in Settings

Usage : [ "begin regex", "end regex" ] or [ "match regex", "" ]
Caution : avoid OR '|' and separate them, it can make an unexpected result.


Error-[SE] Syntax error :
   ./src/macros/uvm_object_defines.svh line: 764: token is 'for'
--> [ "^Error-\\[", "^\\s*[\\n]" ] // Error-[ ~ next empty line (multi-line)

error ../src/foo.cpp:40
--> [ "^(?i)error", "[\\r\\n]" ] // single line

../src/foo.cpp:40 error:
--> [ "^{{{LINK}}}?[^\\r\\n]*?(?i)error", "[\\r\\n]" ] // single line
  • Restore Settings

Use Log Highlight: Erase Custom Syntax & Theme in the command palette Or
Just remove Packages/User/Log Highlight.tmLanguage, Log Highlight.hidden-tmTheme


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Thank you for donating. It is helpful to continue to improve the plug-in.


When you have an issue, tell me through, or send me an e-mail

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