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My personal fork of Black Screen containing a better theme, better name and icon and most importantly a much more awesome autocompletion

What's it now currently?

Well it looks like something like this right now. But remember: I've just started tweaking the theme: screen shot 2017-01-12 at 6 25 26 pm

As you can see:

  • Tab bar is bigger
  • Search box has a round nice shape
  • UI is Light and border less! (A smooth look)

And what's technically new?

  • Autocompletion works with sequenced search keys. The architecture still doesn't support right ordering of the suggestion's but that's in mind
  • Enter now runs the code, you don't have to do: Tab to add autocompletions and then do Enter one enter adds and runs. (This is very buggy due to some special software design behind it, so: working on it...)


Black Screen was under MIT so this fork is more than completely legal!


Thanks to Viladimier and Drew for their kind replies and awesome job on Black Screen