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My settings for Vim. See comments in vimrc for list of supported features (in Russian).


Remove ~/.vimrc and ~/.vim/, then:

git clone ~/.vim

Plugin: deoplete

See for details, but usually it’s enough to build vim with python3 support and run:

pip3 install --user pynvim

Update from version installed before 2020-02-09

Before 2020-02-09 this repo has used git submodules. You’ll need to use this upgrade procedure to get rid of git submodules and switch to updating this repo using simple git pull.

  1. (optional) If you’ve your own changes then make sure they’re committed to some branch (we’ll use name "local" here). If you’ve added own submodules then you should backup them now - because they’ll be REMOVED RIGHT NOW - and also have an idea how to re-add them after update without using submodules.

  2. git checkout master

  3. git fetch

  4. If you’ll try git pull now it’ll fail, so run git merge remove-submodules instead to move forward as far as it is possible right now.

  5. Now it’s time to remove all submodules repos: rm -rf .git/modules

  6. And then delete all untracked files from bundle/ dir: git clean -f bundle

  7. Finally, you can update to the latest version: git pull

  8. (optional) If you’ve your own changes in the "local" branch, then it’s time to make them accessible again: git rebase master local

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