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Flexible viewer for any documentation source (help/man/perldoc/etc.) for any file type inside Vim in easy to use, consistent, smart and configurable way.

  • You can configure how (keys/commands) documentation will be open. By default it will replace standard mapping for key K and command :help plus add mapping for <F1> key and new commands :man, :doc, etc.

  • You can configure where (buffer/window/tab) documentation will be open. Can open new docs in one dedicated (K) or new (<F1>) buffer/window/tab. Support all work styles:

    • full screen (no tabs, one window, open files/docs are in hidden buffers),

    • windowed (no tabs, many windows with open files/docs),

    • tabbed full screen (many tabs, each with one window, open files/docs are in different tabs),

    • tabbed (many tabs with many windows inside tabs).

  • You can easily navigate to next/previous topic while viewing documentation using <C-]> and <C-T> (or alternative keys <CR> and <BS>), just like you use tags for navigation within source code and Vim’s help.

  • Even closing documentation buffer/window/tab is easier, smarter and more configurable than ever before. :)

  • Smart detection of documentation source and topic when opening documentation for <cword> (word under cursor) - can use current syntax highlight (to find topic’s context) and surrounding text (when topic doesn’t include important special symbols because of iskeyword value).

  • Smart completion for available documentation topics when opening documentation using command (just like Vim’s :help command works). (Some documentation sources may not support this.)

  • Supported documentation sources:

    • man pages

    • Vim’s help

    • custom documentation in vim help format: (CSS 2.1, CMake, LaTeX, …)

    • perldoc

    • godoc

    • pydoc (python)

    • pman (php)

    • OS Inferno man pages

    • ri (ruby)

    • bash’s help

    • GNU info (smart support for: awk, make, m4, automake)

  • Support for new documentation sources and file types can be easily added by external plugins or within ~/.vimrc file.

  • You can have several documentation sources for same file type, and choose which one should be used on-the-fly.

  • Can be used as console man page viewer instead of /usr/bin/man.

Tested only in Linux, but should work in any *NIX.