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Repository for data structure and algorithms in Python
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Python Data Structures and Algorithms

This repository contains data structures and algorithms concepts and questions in Python.

🎯 Objective

The open source community has helped me a lot during my interview preparations and studies while I was in my undergrad. I always wanted to give something back to the community. In my endeavour to contribute something back, I will be uploading data structures and algorithms questions in Python in this repo. Feel free to contribute and get in touch! 😃

📁 Structure of the repository

As of now, the repository contains 3 main directories: Data Structures, Algorithms and Bookmarks.

Data Structures

Contains all data structure questions categorised into sub-directories like stack, queue, etc according to their type.

  1. Array
  2. Dictionary
  3. Binary Search Tree
  4. Linked List
  5. Stack
  6. Graphs
  7. Circular Linked List
  8. Doubly Linked List


This directory contains various types of algorithm questions like Dynamic Programming, Sorting, Greedy, etc. The current structure of this directory is like -

  1. Dynamic Programming
  2. Math
  3. Sorting
  4. Greedy
  5. Misc


You can find useful links in this repository in the different markdown files. Below is a table of contents.

Category Link
Articles Click Here
Books Click Here
Topics Click Here
Tutorials Click Here
Videos Click Here
Misc. Click Here

📋 Things need to be done

As you can see, the repo is still in its infancy. Here are some key things in the to-do.

  1. Queue questions
  2. Algorithms 2.1. Dynamic Programming 2.2. Greedy
  3. More questions in data structures, especially for graph, circular linked list, tries, heaps and hash.


Contributions are always welcomed. 😃 Feel free to raise new issues, file new PRs and star and fork this repo! 😉

To follow the guidelines, refer to

📄 License

MIT @ Prabhu Pant

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