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Official Denarium database

This is the official Denarium Bitcoin database. The database is a single file, coin.tsv which contains current status of all Denarium Bitcoins ever produced in tab-separated format.

If you want to see coin details and transactions in a visual format, we also have the Denarium Database Explorer.

Provided data was automatically produced at 2019-02-14 21:31:46 UTC. Content is signed by bitcoin address 1PrasosHejKfuRW6XgB6iYwftZQcatrMNC. Proof of origin and existence of the data is in transaction 97ec5b4834c5a2431c94eb74e803004892fe5e6a8ca2941901c78b5cd58e8ec5.


To verify the origin, check that the transaction originates from our bitcoin address. To verify existence, calculate SHA256 of coin.tsv and compare it to last bytes of OP_RETURN output of given bitcoin transaction.

There is also which does all of this automatically. See that file for instructions.


Data is separated to columns using tab (\t) character. Character set is ASCII. It can be easily imported to common databases and spreadsheet editors.

Column Description
address Bitcoin address of the coin
serial Serial number (L series are pre-loaded coins)
pubkey Reserved for future use
sku Stock keeping unit (see below)
denomination Bitcoin value of that coin after activation
batch Production batch code (see below)
created_at Timestamp of coin creation (importing is done in batches so this is not the exact moment of manufacture)
status Coin status (see below)
pubkey_2fa Reserved for future use
txid Funding transaction ID. (Some of the txid's have been subject to malleability attacks)

Coin status

Status Description
new Successfully manufactured, not shipped yet
failed Destroyed on the production line
sample Random samples for quality control
shipped Shipped but not yet activated
reported_missing Reported as missing by customer
reported_damaged Reported as damaged by customer
reported_ok Reported as OK by customer
missing Confirmed as missing
complete Successfully activated


SKU Description
F0107 Denarium 1/100
F0108 Denarium 1/10
F0109 Denarium 1 BTC Silver
F0110 Denarium 1 BTC Silver Patinated
F0111 Denarium 1 BTC Silver Golden Edition
F0112 Denarium Custom Silver
F0113 Denarium 1 BTC Parity Gold Coin
F0114 Denarium 1/2 BTC Gold
F0115 Denarium 1 BTC Patinated Bronze
F0116 Denarium 1/2 BTC Gold 2018
F0117 Denarium 1/100 BTC Gold Plated
F0118 Denarium 1/10 BTC Gold Plated
F0119 Denarium Custom
F0120 Denarium Custom 0,01 - 5 BTC Gold Plated
F0121 Denarium 1/100 Prototype #1
F0122 Denarium 1/10 Prototype #2
F0123 Denarium 1/100 Prototype #3
F0124 Denarium 1 BTC Parity Gold Coin Mock-up
F0125 Denarium 1 BTC Silver Mock-up (Patinated Lead)
F0126 Denarium 1 BTC Silver Mock-up (Patinated Bronze)
F0129 Denarium Gold Bar 2018
F0130 Denarium Custom Gold Plated 2018

The X in the SKU means that the coin is sold as empty and in most cases, the serial number begins with an E. For mock-up coins, prototypes and new models we use Bitcointalk for auctioning these pieces. These coins serial number usually starts with an A.

Serial number

SERIAL Description
A Auction coin (unique pieces sold as Bitcointalk)
E Sold as empty or multisig
L Sold as loaded with bitcoins
M Used for special multisig coins


The file coin_sku.json contains all the products with their corresponding SKU names. It is useful for creating charts and other tools to the top of the Denarium Database.

Production batch code

The format is in YYYY-MM-DD-N format and is composed of year, month, day of the production set-up. The same set-up may have been used for multiple days. In case of multiple set-ups per a day, N is incremented.