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A very simple multi-agent simulator for exploring emergent flocking behaviour
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An emulation of the Fish Schooling principle to n distributed robots.
Simulator and base forked from rtv/universe.

Different laning implementations are maintained in separate branches.
Branch: BotsJoiningGroups
Description: Associating rewards with robots that decide to form a group. Leads to separate flocking of red and blue robots
$ git checkout origin experimental-BotsJoiningGroups

Branch: AutoDriving
Description: Schooling robots form lanes to achieve maximum system speed. Two lanes of traffic
$ git checkout origin experimental-AutoDriving

Branch: ThreeLaning
Description: Schooling robots separate to form three lanes of traffic
$ git checkout origin experimental-ThreeLaning

For Mac sytems, change #include< Gl/glut.h > to #include< glut/glut.h > in file.

To run:
$ make
$ ./universe

Author: Pratik Gujjar 2016.
License: GNU GPL v3 or later (applies to all files in this repo).

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