Windows Kernel-Mode Drivers written in Rust
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Windows Kernel-Mode Drivers written in Rust

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This library is just a proof-of-concept of the windows kernel-mode drivers, which can be written in Rust programming language.

It contains the types, constants and bindings for the Windows Driver Kit with target OS starting from Windows XP (x86/x64).

Getting started

To compile you need the following:

  • Nightly Rust with MSVC ABI starting from 2016-04-12 (?), which supports "is-like-msvc" target flavor.
  • MSVC itself, either VS 2015 or just MSVC Build Tools.
  • Rust environment for the Windows drivers: kmd-env-rs.

As workaround you can compile drivers as #[crate_type="staticlib"] and link them manually (see examples/03.urandom/build.cmd).

Setting up:

git clone .
git submodule init
git submodule update --recursive

Set the nightly-msvc Rust toolchain for this repository:

rustup override add nightly-i686-msvc

Try to compile example:

cd km\examples\01.minimal\
cargo build --release

By default, it compiles to x86 mode. If you need x64, either change kmd-env-rs/.cargo/config as following:

target = "x86_64-sys-windows-msvc"


set RUST_TARGET_PATH=C:/path/to/kmd-env-rs/.cargo`
cargo build --release --target i686-sys-windows-msvc
cargo build --release --target x86_64-sys-windows-msvc


See examples folder with a driver samples and screenshots.

Reference documentation.


In memory of Four-F - the author of tutorials about kernel mode drivers development in assembly language (2002-2005).