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deal.II-preCICE adapter


Coupled structural solvers written with the C++ finite element library deal.II:

  • source/linear_elasticity contains a linear-elastic solver based on the step-8 tutorial program of deal.II
  • source/nonlinear_elasticity contains a nonlinear elastic solver, which builds on previous work of Jean-Paul Pelteret and Andrew McBride in their deal.II code gallery program 'Quasi-Static Finite-Strain Compressible Elasticity.' This solver supports shared-memory parallelization.

Applied coupling functionalities have been separated and can be found in the include/adapter directory.

Start here

Our documentation will help you start. If you are missing something, let us know.


preCICE is an academic project, developed at the Technical University of Munich and at the University of Stuttgart. If you use preCICE, please cite us.

If you are using deal.II, please also consider the information on the deal.II webpage


Please see the LICENSE file for details.