The goal of this project is to translate wille mönkkönen's game bikez2 sourcecodes to English.
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thanks to wille Mönkkönen for releasing the sources.
his webpage;
Bikez2 download page. Contain full compiled game and the sources.

License to all bikez2 source files says;
<<<<<<< HEAD
"You’re allowed to do anything you want with this. Including the sources, pictures, 3D models and sounds. Start selling it if you want to. If you get famous because of this, you have to say it’s all thanks to me. :)"
"You are allowed to use the game source files and the included resource files in any way you wish, I only ask that you retain this license and credit Ville Mönkkönen." 
>>>>>>> 3eb02edb1eb0339acc5970aa1d9133973d3d9e21