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chore(deps): update dependency esbuild to v0.19.5 #15630

merged 1 commit into from Nov 12, 2023


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@renovate renovate bot commented Nov 12, 2023

Mend Renovate

This PR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
esbuild 0.19.3 -> 0.19.5 age adoption passing confidence

Release Notes

evanw/esbuild (esbuild)


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  • Fix a regression in 0.19.0 regarding paths in tsconfig.json (#​3354)

    The fix in esbuild version 0.19.0 to process tsconfig.json aliases before the --packages=external setting unintentionally broke an edge case in esbuild's handling of certain tsconfig.json aliases where there are multiple files with the same name in different directories. This release adjusts esbuild's behavior for this edge case so that it passes while still processing aliases before --packages=external. Please read the linked issue for more details.

  • Fix a CSS font property minification bug (#​3452)

    This release fixes a bug where esbuild's CSS minifier didn't insert a space between the font size and the font family in the font CSS shorthand property in the edge case where the original source code didn't already have a space and the leading string token was shortened to an identifier:

    /* Original code */
    .foo { font: 16px"Menlo"; }
    /* Old output (with --minify) */
    /* New output (with --minify) */
    .foo{font:16px Menlo}
  • Fix bundling CSS with asset names containing spaces (#​3410)

    Assets referenced via CSS url() tokens may cause esbuild to generate invalid output when bundling if the file name contains spaces (e.g. url(image 2.png)). With this release, esbuild will now quote all bundled asset references in url() tokens to avoid this problem. This only affects assets loaded using the file and copy loaders.

  • Fix invalid CSS url() tokens in @import rules (#​3426)

    In the future, CSS url() tokens may contain additional stuff after the URL. This is irrelevant today as no CSS specification does this. But esbuild previously had a bug where using these tokens in an @import rule resulted in malformed output. This bug has been fixed.

  • Fix browser + false + type: module in package.json (#​3367)

    The browser field in package.json allows you to map a file to false to have it be treated as an empty file when bundling for the browser. However, if package.json contains "type": "module" then all .js files will be considered ESM, not CommonJS. Importing a named import from an empty CommonJS file gives you undefined, but importing a named export from an empty ESM file is a build error. This release changes esbuild's interpretation of these files mapped to false in this situation from ESM to CommonJS to avoid generating build errors for named imports.

  • Fix a bug in top-level await error reporting (#​3400)

    Using require() on a file that contains top-level await is not allowed because require() must return synchronously and top-level await makes that impossible. You will get a build error if you try to bundle code that does this with esbuild. This release fixes a bug in esbuild's error reporting code for complex cases of this situation involving multiple levels of imports to get to the module containing the top-level await.

  • Update to Unicode 15.1.0

    The character tables that determine which characters form valid JavaScript identifiers have been updated from Unicode version 15.0.0 to the newly-released Unicode version 15.1.0. I'm not putting an example in the release notes because all of the new characters will likely just show up as little squares since fonts haven't been updated yet. But you can read for more information about the changes.

    This upgrade was contributed by @​JLHwung.


Compare Source

  • Fix printing of JavaScript decorators in tricky cases (#​3396)

    This release fixes some bugs where esbuild's pretty-printing of JavaScript decorators could incorrectly produced code with a syntax error. The problem happened because esbuild sometimes substitutes identifiers for other expressions in the pretty-printer itself, but the decision about whether to wrap the expression or not didn't account for this. Here are some examples:

    // Original code
    import { constant } from './constants.js'
    import { imported } from 'external'
    import { undef } from './empty.js'
    class Foo {
    // Old output (with --bundle --format=cjs --packages=external --minify-syntax)
    var import_external = require("external");
    var Foo = class {
      @​(0, import_external.imported)()
      @​(void 0)()
    // New output (with --bundle --format=cjs --packages=external --minify-syntax)
    var import_external = require("external");
    var Foo = class {
      @​((0, import_external.imported)())
      @​((void 0)())
  • Allow pre-release versions to be passed to target (#​3388)

    People want to be able to pass version numbers for unreleased versions of node (which have extra stuff after the version numbers) to esbuild's target setting and have esbuild do something reasonable with them. These version strings are of course not present in esbuild's internal feature compatibility table because an unreleased version has not been released yet (by definition). With this release, esbuild will now attempt to accept these version strings passed to target and do something reasonable with them.


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@renovate renovate bot added the dependency Dependency Upgrade label Nov 12, 2023
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./dist/bin 4.1 kB
./dist/bin/prettier.cjs 2.15 kB
./dist/doc.d.ts 6.91 kB
./dist/doc.js 53.2 kB
./dist/doc.mjs 49.5 kB
./dist/index.cjs 35.8 kB
./dist/index.d.ts 26.3 kB
./dist/index.mjs 810 kB
./dist/internal 4.1 kB
./dist/internal/cli.mjs 230 kB
./dist/internal/internal.mjs 20.1 kB
./dist/LICENSE 240 kB
./dist/package.json 6.31 kB
./dist/plugins 4.1 kB
./dist/plugins/acorn.d.ts 109 B
./dist/plugins/acorn.js 149 kB
./dist/plugins/acorn.mjs 149 kB
./dist/plugins/angular.d.ts 177 B
./dist/plugins/angular.js 43.6 kB
./dist/plugins/angular.mjs 42.9 kB
./dist/plugins/babel.d.ts 402 B
./dist/plugins/babel.js 313 kB
./dist/plugins/babel.mjs 313 kB
./dist/plugins/estree.d.ts 11 B
./dist/plugins/estree.js 194 kB
./dist/plugins/estree.mjs 194 kB
./dist/plugins/flow.d.ts 90 B
./dist/plugins/flow.js 681 kB
./dist/plugins/flow.mjs 680 kB
./dist/plugins/glimmer.d.ts 93 B
./dist/plugins/glimmer.js 138 kB
./dist/plugins/glimmer.mjs 138 kB
./dist/plugins/graphql.d.ts 93 B
./dist/plugins/graphql.js 43.7 kB
./dist/plugins/graphql.mjs 43 kB
./dist/plugins/html.d.ts 139 B
./dist/plugins/html.js 145 kB
./dist/plugins/html.mjs 145 kB
./dist/plugins/markdown.d.ts 127 B
./dist/plugins/markdown.js 150 kB
./dist/plugins/markdown.mjs 150 kB
./dist/plugins/meriyah.d.ts 93 B
./dist/plugins/meriyah.js 120 kB
./dist/plugins/meriyah.mjs 120 kB
./dist/plugins/postcss.d.ts 121 B
./dist/plugins/postcss.js 153 kB
./dist/plugins/postcss.mjs 153 kB
./dist/plugins/typescript.d.ts 96 B
./dist/plugins/typescript.js 1.15 MB
./dist/plugins/typescript.mjs 1.15 MB
./dist/plugins/yaml.d.ts 90 B
./dist/plugins/yaml.js 122 kB
./dist/plugins/yaml.mjs 121 kB
./dist/ 4.03 kB
./dist/standalone.d.ts 1.42 kB
./dist/standalone.js 76.8 kB
./dist/standalone.mjs 76.6 kB


@fisker fisker merged commit f4d93d3 into main Nov 12, 2023
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