A collection of useful abstractions for accessing graph databases using the TinkerPop stack
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GovSci Graph

This is a library of helper functions for manipulation of graphs using BluePrints from TinkerPop. This abstracts away the constructors and whether or not a database is transactional. It also automatically adds new elements to various indices and takes care of formatting properties properly.

Compiling The Code

Maven is used to build the code an manage the project. From the command line you can run the following command to clean the tree and compile the project source code:

mvn clean compile package

Working with Eclipse

If you use Eclipse to develop and run the project, start by installing the m2eclipse plugin to your Eclipse/RTC installation. Next, right click on the project in the Package Navigator, and select "Configure"->"Convert to Maven Project". This should inform Eclipse that dependencies are managed by Maven and resolve all of your problems.

If that does not resolve your problems you can right click on the project and select "Maven"->"Update Maven Configuration..." followed by "Maven"->"Update Dependencies...". This should take care of everything for you.

Using the Package

In most cases you'll want to create a database management class that extends BlueprintsBase. And start initialize the graph with something like: super("neo4j","/tmp/graph.db", null)

Todo List

  • Titan database support only allows a single level of transactions right now. This shouldn't be that much of an issue because in most cases Titan is used in modes that don't allow transactions.


[Blueprints][blueprints] already tries to smooth over a lot of the issues when using multiple different graph databases and GovSciGraph goes a few steps further. Therefore, it is expected that there will be some limitations of the the implementations.


Neo4jBatch mode does not support all methods of Blueprints base. In particular methods that require traversing elements of the graph, checking if an element already exists, and lookups in indexes are not supported. Those methods are:

  • BlueprintsBase.removeEdge
  • BlueprintsBase.createEdgeIfNotExist
  • BlueprintsBase.dropIndex
  • BlueprintsBase.addToIndexIfNotPresent
  • BlueprintsBase.getOrCreateVertexHelper