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GitHub's VS Code themes

GitHub VS Code theme


  1. Go to VS Marketplace.
  2. Click on the "Install" button.
  3. Then select a theme. The GitHub themes try to match the themes available in's settings:
    • GitHub Light Default
    • GitHub Light High Contrast new
    • GitHub Light Colorblind new
    • GitHub Dark Default
    • GitHub Dark High Contrast
    • GitHub Dark Colorblind new
    • GitHub Dark Dimmed

Additionally, there are also two older themes. Note: They might not get updated frequently and are kept for legacy reasons:

  • GitHub Light (legacy)
  • GitHub Dark (legacy)

Override this theme

To override this (or any other) theme in your personal config file, please follow the guide in the color theme documentation. This is handy for small tweaks to the theme without having to fork and maintain your own theme.


  1. Clone and open this repo in VS Code
  2. Run yarn to install the dependencies.
  3. Press F5 to open a new window with your extension loaded
  4. Open Code > Preferences > Color Theme [⌘k ⌘t] and pick the "GitHub ..." theme you want to test. Note: It seems this has to be done 2x because the first time it switches back to the default light theme. This might be a bug?
  5. Make changes to the /src/theme.js file.
    • UI: For all changes to the "outer UI", like (status bar, file navigation etc.), take a look at the Theme Color reference.
    • Syntax: For changes to the "code highlighting", examine the syntax scopes by invoking the Developer: Inspect Editor Tokens and Scopes command from the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P or Cmd+Shift+P on Mac) in the Extension Development Host window.
  6. Run yarn build to update the theme. You can also run yarn start instead to automatically rebuild the theme while making changes and no reloading should be necessary.
  7. Once you're happy, commit your changes and open a PR.


Publish (internal)

Note: Publishing a new version of this theme is only meant for maintainers.

This repo uses changesets to automatically make updates to and publish a new version to the VS Marketplace.