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Automated Market Maker

Hi there 👋

Welcome to the Primitive Github!

⚡️ At Primitive, we aim to build the friendliest and most secure products in decentralized finance. We are optimistic about the possibilities available through collaboration, and we invite you to join us in creating better finance. Here, you will find the open-source code, resources, and documentation necessary to expand and build upon the RMM-01 protocol.

🌈 If you are interested in contributing, please review our contributing guidlines. We welcome all contributors and maintaining a strong open-source collaborative work environment is in our best interest.

👩‍💻 If you are new to the defi space and would like to learn more about replicating market makers, check out our Intro Guide, and our FAQ. The more technical reader is welcome to peruse our repositories or read our latest research paper.

🥼 Because Primitive was built from research in the scientific community, we work hard to conduct high-quality, peer-reviewed work and collaborate with the scientific communities. Our research team is always happy to communicate with interested collaborators or Universities.


  1. rmm-core Public

    Primitive Replicating Market Maker smart contracts

    Solidity 118 21

  2. rmms-py Public

    Python simulator to test implementation of the RMMS paper results.

    Python 49 13

  3. rmm-manager Public

    Manager and Routing smart contracts for Primitive RMM

    Solidity 34 9

  4. Solidity 9

  5. hardhat-foundry Public template

    Forkable hardhat & foundry template for thorough evm development.

    Solidity 83 8

  6. ☄️ Zero-config Hardhat plugin to generate documentation for all your Solidity contracts.

    TypeScript 109 14



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