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Performant tools to monitor, analyze, and interact with onchain finance.

Primitive builds software for onchain asset management:

Teams building onchain products and infrastructure use Arbiter to stress test smart contracts against the adversarial actors and conditions that are present onchain. As a fundamental component of Primitive's security & development process, Arbiter is delivers a high performance environment for modeling protocol mechanisms without sacrificing EVM-parity.



  1. arbiter arbiter Public

    A blazing-fast Ethereum sandbox that lets developers orchestrate event-driven simulations.

    Rust 587 58

  2. DFMM DFMM Public

    Smart contracts of the DFMM protocol

    Rust 8

  3. univ3-kit univ3-kit Public

    An open simulation for Uniswap V3 contracts

    Rust 24 7

  4. dagger dagger Public

    A lightweight interface for the DFMM smart contracts

    TypeScript 2


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