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Official Privly Browser Extension for Firefox - Allows for Viewing and Posting Content on Any Website Without the Host Site Having Access


Privly is a developing set of browser extensions for protecting content wherever it is posted on the internet. This extension allows users to view content on any website, without the host site being able to read the content. For more information on what Privly is, read about us.

Development Status

This extension currently supports:

  • Posting to any website by right-clicking a form element.
  • Turning on/off link injection via a button in the "chrome" of the browser.
  • Locally served posting and injectable applications.
  • All the implemented Injectable Applications of the content server.
  • Setting the posting content server via extension preferences.
  • Active and passive mode link injection.

Barn Owl Alpha Version

The Privly Firefox extension is currently maintained by Sean McGregor, on behalf of the Privly Foundation.

Testing/Submitting Bugs

To install the current version of the extension, you need to also clone the submodules. This can be achieved in one command with git clone --recursive REPO_PATH

Extension integration test cases are found at If you have discovered a bug, only open a public issue on GitHub if it could not possibly be a security related bug. If the bug affects the security of the system, please report it privately at We will then fix the bug and follow a process of responsible disclosure.

Developer Documentation

Discussion of system concepts and high level processes are found in the central wiki. Auto-generated code documentation for several repositories is found at


Foundation Home
Privly Project Repository List
Development Mailing List
Testing Mailing List
Announcement Mailing List
Central Wiki
Submit a Bug
Production Content Server
Development Content Server
Download Extension

You can install the latest release version of the extension from Mozilla.

You can install the latest development version of the extension (updated automatically every 15 minutes) from the development content server. NOTE Installing the extension from this URL will not update your extension in the future. You will have to periodically download new versions. If you are not testing the latest functionality, I would stick with the Mozilla link.


Community [the 'at' sign]

PO Box 79
Corvallis, OR 97339

Contact the Nick "smcgregor" on #privly

If you open a bug on this repository, you'll get someone's attention.

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