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This repository

Welcome to the central Privly Wiki. This wiki is for Privly information of concern to all the Privly repositories.


For a high-level overview, read the System and Organization Overview.

Development Statuses


Chrome: 0.3 Alpha.

Firefox: 0.2 Alpha.

Opera: The Opera branch of the privly-chrome repository has the Opera version of the extension.

Safari: pre-Alpha with no maintainers.

Internet Explorer: The repository has no developers.

Mobile Apps

iOS: Under development as part of Google Summer of Code.

Android: Under development as part of Google Summer of Code.

Content Servers

Ruby on Rails: 0.3 Alpha.

Injectable Applications

PlainPosts are currently integrated directly into the rails content server and the Chrome extension. The Plain Post Threat Model is also under development.

ZeroBins needs a formal Threat Model, but since it layers JavaScript Cryptography on top of the Plain Post Threat Model, this threat model will not be a focus until the PlainPost model is completed.

Contributors are currently working on OTR and PGP applications, but these tasks are quite large and need more developers.

The Group Encryption specification is under development, but no code has been written.

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