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Hexag00n: A collection of reverse engineering tools for the Qualcomm Digital Signal Proccesor (QDSP6)
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Hexagon is Qualcomm's Digital Signal Processor included in the Snapdragon series System-on-a-Chip found in billions of cellphones and other consumer electronic devices worldwide.

The Hexagon processor is a hardware multi-threaded, variable instruction length, VLIW processor architecture developed for efficient control and signal processing code execution at low power levels. It runs a proprietary Real Time Operating System and it is commonly used for modem and media processing applications. According to the manufacturer: "As of 2012, multiple Hexagon cores form the processing engine behind virtually every commercially shipping 4G LTE modem by Qualcomm Technologies" .

This repository includes a collection of tools for security research and reverse engineering of the Qualcomm Hexagon (QDSP6) .


The BSD 2-Clause License. For more information, see LICENSE.


  • Lucas Molas
  • Iván Arce
  • Juan Heguiabehere
  • Christian Heitman
  • D.C.

Contact Us

The preferred way of participation is through the GitHub’s issue tracker, but for a private channel of communication send an email to stic at fundacionsadosky dot org dot ar.

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