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-# Skypipe (alpha)
+Skypipe (alpha)
Skypipe is a magical command line tool that lets you easily pipe data across terminal sessions, regardless of whether the sessions are on the same machine, across thousands of machines, or even behind a firewall. It gives you named pipes in the sky and lets you magically pipe data *anywhere*.
-## Installing
Currently you need Python 2.6 and the ability to compile extensions.
Then install with pip from Github:
$ pip install -e git+git://
-## Setting up
+Setting up
The magic of skypipe requires a free dotcloud account. If you don't have
one, you can easily create one for free. The first time you use skypipe,
you will be asked for credentials.
-## Using Skypipe
+Using Skypipe
Skypipe combines named pipes and netcat and gives you even more power in a simpler tool. Here is a simple example using skypipe like you would a named pipe in order to gzip a file across shells:
@@ -58,7 +62,8 @@ Triggering is just sending an EOF over the pipe, causing the listening skypipe t
$ echo | skypipe trigger
-## Software with a service
+Software with a service
The trick to this private pipe in the sky is that when you first use skypipe, behind the scenes it will deploy a very simple messaging server to dotcloud. Skypipe will use your account to transparently find and use this server, no matter where you are.
@@ -67,17 +72,20 @@ This all works without you ever thinking about it because this server is managed
This represents a new paradigm of creating tools that transparently leverage the cloud to create magical experiences. It's not quite software as a service, it's software *with* a service. Nobody is using a shared, central service. The software deploys its own service on your behalf for you to use.
Thanks to platforms like dotcloud (and Heroku), we can now build software leveraging features of software as a service that is *packaged and distributed like normal open source software*.
-## Contributing
There aren't any tests yet, but it's pretty well documented and the code
is written to be read. Fork and send pull requests. Check out the issues
to see how you can be most helpful.
-## Contributors
* Jeff Lindsay <>
-## License
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
description='Magic pipe in the sky',
- "")).read(),
+ "")).read().replace(':', '::'),
"Development Status :: 3 - Alpha",

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