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Project Bitmark is a multi faceted project which aims to provide:

  1. A ** stable cryptographic currency network** which balances the requirements of all parties involved.
  2. A far reaching adoption initiative under the guise of novel reputation+currency system called Marking

This repository contains the Bitmark cryptograpic currency software, and a wiki which provides all details pertaining to the software, it's configuration and the rationale of all design decisions.

(Note: Forking Why fork this when you can fork Pfennig ? - Pfennig was made to be cloned ! )


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Bitmark aims to be a relatively stable, user focused, crypto currency, which refines and implements maturing innovations from the crypto currency sector.


Technically: Light and stable with a modern codebase, maturing features from the alternative currency sector which benefit users added on a faster timeline than bitcoin. Think of it more as standardization rather than innovation.

User focused: Daily development effort and innovation goes in to making bitmark as user friendly, and simple to integrate as possible.

Earned Value: Every aspect of Project Bitmark is focused on earned value. It's a project to make a viable every day currency, any value will be earned.

Longevity: The Bitmark network has been operational since mid July, 2014. A well funded Bitmark Foundation is being created and funded by the community to support long term development.

Distribution: A configuration which aims to ensure fair distribution whilst using proven PoW which has had substantial investment in hardware. Extensive distribution of the currency is achieved through wide spread adoption under the banner of Marking.

Balance: Every aspect of Bitmark has been designed in order to balance the interests of everybody involved or associated with the project. This includes Investor Public Mining (IPM) which balances Investors, Miners, and Developers in a way that is mutually beneficial and which critically enables those at the core to provide the best network experience to those who rely on it, the users.

Getting Bitmark

All Bitmark software releases are published through the github release process, you can download the latest release from the releases tab above.