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Bitmark Details

Release Details

  • Based on Bitcoin with unconditional support for all upgrades and BIPs which have been implemented.
  • Modified to use the Scrypt Proof of Work
  • Fully tested on all release platforms, and cross compiled using gitian.
  • Modified to use the latest QT 4.8 on linux in order to allow bitmark-qt support on CentOS and Fedora.
  • The genesis block is timestamped to 2014-07-13 18:00:41 UTC. This time was selected by polling the Bitmark community.


Pre-compiled 32 and 64bit versions of bitmark-qt, bitmarkd, and bitmark-cli for all major operating systems are attached to this release. SHA256 sums for each download can be found below.

SHA256 Sums

d314892396818ffe049b18ebee3345abe5204a6f6af42fbfecb3a8a7036d03cc  bitmark-
90d7c4e0946c059f2c1b15a67c2ec86ed40c498a0d91baa95b2d6b097ccfae57  bitmark-
391b9b1d27e27e30fd510fc3ba9ec9b8861f9a8292d60286df3764c1ba37fadb  bitmark-0.9.2-win32-setup.exe
c7fdbb9a5b6561bfa24da49e5fc8de492df462d764aca0cb1affd98afc5ad47d  bitmark-0.9.2-win64-setup.exe
dc6222d67170d60109baf224868fa355401c4ecda6b6ee0d72aed703b04ca1d3  Bitmark-Qt.dmg

Building from source

Instructions for building can be found in the /doc/ section. If you are compiling for linux please be aware that the compilation process is different to most alternative currencies.

If building yourself please consider cloning the master branch of the repository so that you have the latest checkpoints.


Bitmark passes all of the Bitcoin QA tests, with the exception of the following:

  • miner tests currently fails as we do not have correct test data for a chain of blocks yet, this will be corrected once we have a chain.
  • checkpoint sanity checks also fail, as we have no checkpoints.

Pre-release versions of both of these tests were run before release to ensure the code base passed 100%.

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