Invasion from the Unknown, a Battle for Wesnoth add-on campaign.
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Invasion from the Unknown

Invasion from the Unknown (IftU) is an add-on campaign for the Battle for Wesnoth.

Long after the Fall, the last forest elves on the Great Continent are forced to abandon their secluded home and forge an unprecedented alliance in hopes of retaliating against the great evil that has befallen Irdya. But even then, they will require more than one ancient power to aid them in their quest...

(Intermediate level, two episodes with 13 scenarios each.)

NOTE: Some scenarios of this campaign work significantly different from normal Wesnoth gameplay. It is especially important to pay close attention to the mission objectives and not necessarily try to kill every single enemy, especially on shrouded maps, or in places where enemies seem to respawn continuously.

Although not strictly required, players are advised to become familiar with the stories, characters, and historical events presented in Descent into Darkness and Under the Burning Suns before playing this campaign.

Installing Invasion from the Unknown


  • Battle for Wesnoth 1.14.x.
  • Invasion from the Unknown Music add-on from the Wesnoth add-ons server (optional, includes additional music used throughout the campaign).

Released versions of IftU may be obtained from the Battle for Wesnoth add-ons server using the game’s built-in client. Alternatively, players who know how to use Git may clone the main repository on GitHub into Wesnoth’s <user data>/data/add-ons directory. See Where is my user data directory? in the wiki for information on locating your user data directory.

For using the Git version, you will also need to install Naia into <user data>/data/add-ons, or into <user data>/data/add-ons/Invasion_from_the_Unknown so that there is a Naia directory in either location. The version of Naia installed directly to the add-ons directory will override any found inside the campaign’s own directory.

A game screen resolution of 800x600 or greater is recommended. Some sequences make use of floating labels, halos, and standing unit animations, so you might want to make sure these options are enabled under PreferencesDisplay.

Reporting issues

If you encounter any issues, you may report them at the campaign’s development topic on the forums or its issue tracker on GitHub.

Be aware that depending on the nature of the problem, you may be asked to provide a saved game file to reproduce it.

Contacting the author

You may contact the author of this campaign via forum PM to shadowm on the forums, or through her personal Discord server.