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This repository

An open optimized software library project for the ARM® Architecture

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Ne10 Library

See ReleaseNote.txt file in the "doc" folder.

See BuildingNe10.txt file in the "doc" folder. Currently Ne10 library could be used on Linux, Android and iOS platform.

1. native documents
Run the command "doxygen doxygen.cfg" under ./doc/doxygen.
Then the detailed documentations (.html) will be placed in ./doc/doxygen/documentation.
You could open the "index.html" to start.
2. online documents

Code formatter
See Formatter.txt file in the "doc" folder

Call for use cases
Find ProjectNe10 useful?  You can help us justify more project engineering resources. Please email us your uses! 
Want us to help cross promote your product using Ne10 at developer events? We’re looking for use cases we can demonstrate ProjectNe10 with at conferences and meetups. 
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