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Source of the site

To Debug the Site

  1. jekyll serve

Some Things to Note

  • Much of the site data is in the YAML files in _data/ make edits there.
  • Site level variables are set in _config.yml.

Adding a Tile to the Examples showcase


  1. Add an entry to the YAML file under source/_data/showcase.yml with the following format:
- name: Example Project
  id: example-project
  img_url: images/showcase/example-project.png
  - >
    Brief (max. ~30-50 words) description of your project here.
  1. Create a 500 x 500 pixel PNG (or JPEG or GIF) image named example-project.png that represents "Example Project" and add it to the images/showcase directory.

Full Service

  1. Create a 500 x 500 pixel thumbnail for your site. Try to capture a screenshot of something visually interesting and/or unique to your site.
  2. Create a new issue in this project, and include a title, URL for your site, and the thumbnail.