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  • v3.8.0
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  • v3.8.0
  • 0974557
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tagged May 28, 2019 · 10 commits to 3.8.x since this release


  • Use std::atomic in case of myriad2 platform
  • Always declare enums to be int-sized
  • Added DebugString() and ShortDebugString() methods on MessageLite
  • Specialized different parse loop control flows
  • Make hasbits potentially in register. The or's start forming an obstacle because it's a read modify store on the same mem address on each iteration.
  • Move to an internal MACRO for parser validity checks.
  • Improve map parsing performance.
  • Make MergePartialFromCodedStream non virtual. This allows direct calls, potential inlining and is also a code health improvement
  • Add an overall limit to parse_context to prevent reading past it. This allows to remove a annoying level of indirection.
  • Fix a mistake, we shouldn't verify map key/value strings for utf8 in opt mode for proto2.
  • Further improvements to cut binary size.
  • Prepare to make MergePartialFromCodedStream non-virtual.
  • A report on some interesting behavior change in python (caused by b/27494216) made me realize there is a check that needs to be done in case the parse ended on a end group tag.
  • Add a note of caution to the comments around skip in CodedOutputStream.
  • Simplify end check.
  • Add overload for ParseMessage for MessageLite/Message types. If the explicit type is not known inlining won't help de-virtualizing the virtual call.
  • Reduce linker input. It turns out that ParseMessage is not inlined, producing template instantiations that are used only once and save nothing but cost more.
  • Improve the parser.
  • [c++17] Changed proto2::RepeatedPtrField iterators to no longer derive from the deprecated std::iterator class.
  • Change the default value of case_insensitive_enum_parsing to false for JsonStringToMessage.
  • Add a warning if a field name doesn't match the style guide.
  • Fix TextFormat not round-trip correctly when float value is max float.
  • Added locationed info for some errors at compiler
  • Python reserved keywords are now working with getattr()/setattr() for most descriptors.
  • Added AllowUnknownField() in text_format
  • Append '_' to C++ reserved keywords for message, enum, extension
  • Fix MSVC warning C4244 in protobuf's parse_context.h.
  • Updating Iterators to be compatible with C++17 in MSVC.
  • Use capability annotation in mutex.h
  • Fix "UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer: cfi-bad-type"
  • CriticalSectionLock class as a lightweight replacement for std::mutex on Windows platforms.
  • Removed vestigial wire_format_lite_inl.h


  • Added System.Memory dependency.


  • Make Java protoc code generator ignore optimize_for LITE_RUNTIME. Users should instead use the Java lite protoc plugin.
  • Change Extension getMessageDefaultInstance() to return Message instead of MessageLite.
  • Prevent malicious input streams from leaking buffers for ByteString or ByteBuffer parsing.
  • Release new Javalite runtime.
  • Show warning in case potential file name conflict.
  • Allow Java reserved keywords to be used in extensions.
  • Added setAllowUnknownFields() in text format
  • Add memoization to ExtensionRegistryLite.getEmptyRegistry()
  • Improve performance of CodedOutputStream.writeUInt32NoTag
  • Add an optimized mismatch-finding algorithm to UnsafeUtil.
  • When serializing uint32 varints, check that we have MAX_VARINT32_SIZE bytes left, not just MAX_VARINT_SIZE.
  • Minor optimization to RopeByteString.PieceIterator


  • Simplify generated toObject code when the default value is used.


  • Changes implementation of Name() for enums that allow aliases in proto2 in Python to be in line with claims in C++ implementation (to return first value).
  • Added double_format option in text format printer.
  • Added iter and contains to extension dict
  • Added allow_unknown_field option in python text format parser
  • Fixed Timestamp.ToDatetime() loses precision issue
  • Support unknown field in text format printer.
  • Float field will be convert to inf if bigger than struct.unpack('f', b'\xff\xff\x7f\x7f')[0] which is about 3.4028234664e+38,
    convert to -inf if smaller than -3.4028234664e+38
  • Allowed casting str->bytes in Message.setstate


  • Helper methods to get enum name for Ruby.
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